73pc youth worried about isolation from family

Shawkat Hossain | Update:

Untitled-1As high as 73 per cent of Bangladeshi youth today are concerned about alienation from their families. says a Prothom Alo youth survey.

Conscious of this isolation particularly from their parents, these youth are simultaneously unsure of their future, especially their aim in life.

According to the survey, commissioned by Org-Quest Research Ltd, 72.6 per cent youth think the most worrying thing for them is failure to adjust with their parents. Both females and males from all ages of youth are equally concerned about alienation from the families.

However, students are relatively better placed in terms of their communications with parents.

Three-fourths (75.5 per cent) of the youths, who have already completed their education, said they have faced difficulties in adjusting with their parents. The percentage among students who have uncomfortable relations with parents is lower -- 67.5 per cent.

During the survey conducted in March this year, the young citizens all over the country were asked about various issues such as family values, militancy and means of their entertainment and leisure times.

Most of the youths who are being alienated from the families said they are not also getting proper supports from their families to pursue their aim in life.

Many youth surveys have been conducted around the world and several such surveys have also been conducted in Bangladesh in the past two years.

In those surveys, security concern and job-seeking came as the key problems facing the youngsters.

Surprisingly, this time around, the youth mentioned the issue with their parents as one of the most severe problems of their life.

Psychotherapists said children are now more open to discussing problems with their parents than it was done earlier. But, that is not the same in every case. Still, the children share their personal issues mainly with their friends, according to them.

The experts insisted that the parents should play the role of a friend to share the burden of the emotional issues of their children’s lives.

Chief of the National Institute of Mental Health, psychotherapist Tajul Islam told Prothom Alo that one of the main reasons behind degradation of values of youths is their gap with the parents.

The youths learn about opposite sex, drug, crimes and other real life issues from the outside world. "They should have got opportunity to lean these from their families... The way they learn these issues now involves certain risks," he said.

Youth concerned about aim in life

In the survey, the second most serious problem was found to be the failuer of the youth to determine the aim in life.

More than 60 per cent (63.1 per cent) respondents said they do not have any aim in their lives.

And males are more concerned about the aimlessness of life.

Whereas 74.3 per cent males said they face crisis in determing any aim in life, the percentage for females is much lower-- at 51.9 per cent.

However, those who have finished their education are less worried than current students.

Youth have more things to be worried

Youths have a few more things to be worried about in their lives, according to the survey. On average 56.4 per cent youth are worried about their personal security.

Sixty seven per cent of young women are worried about their security while the percentage of males in this regard is 45.9.

*The article originally published in Prothom Alo print edition has been rewritten in English by Toriqul Islam.


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