‘Almost all candidates on 35th BCS exam waiting list to get job’

Mosabber Hossain | Update:

Muhammed SadiqueBangladesh Public Service Commission chairman Muhammed Sadique has said all of the candidates on the waiting list of the 35th BCS exam results may be appointed to different non-cadre posts.

Talking to Prothom Alo on Wednesday, Sadique said the BPSC wrote to different ministries to know their requirements.

“I’ve got list of many vacant posts. Almost all of the candidates whose qualities match with the quality required for the vacant posts will get the appointment,” said Sadique.

The BPSC chairman said it would take more than two years should the recruitment be made after holding another examination. “We’ve cut down the time.”

In response to another question as to whether the recruiting agency for the public services has any plan to reduce the time of taking BCS (Bangladesh Civil Service) examination, he said it will take time.

“There is a framework for the BCS exam. I can’t change it alone. We’re now working on three to four examinations. Results of 35th BCS are being published. We’re preparing the results of 36th BCS, preparing for taking viva-voce of 37th BCS and accepting applications for the 38th BCS exam.”

He went on to say, “One BCS examination does not necessary mean one exam. It’s the exam for 27 cadres. There are sub-cadres too. There are as much as 79 subjects only in the education cadre. Preparing questionnaires for these 79 types, hiring experts for them and evaluating answer sheets of all these 79 types are an uphill task.”

Sadique said it took took over one and a half years to do all these things.

“We’ve formulated a roadmap. We need some changes to the framework if we want to expedite these tasks. We are working on this.”

Asked about the status of the latest BCS exams, he said they are trying to publish the results of the 36th BCS within maximum two months.

“Besides, the viva voce examination of the 37th BCS will be held by October and we are hoping to take the preliminary test of 38th BCS examination by October,” he added.

Dwelling on the reform of quota-system, he said the BPSC cannot bring about the reforms. “It’s solely a matter of the government and the policymakers.” 


*The piece is rewritten in English by Abu Taib Ahmed

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