'Tamim took nothing from Essex'

Tareq Mahmud | Update:

Tamim IqbalIt was a handsome deal for Tamim Iqbal. He would have been paid £3000 for playing a single match.

But the Bangladesh opener did not take a single penny from Essex despite playing a game before his sudden return.

Tamim decided to come back home after he along with his wife Ayesha Siddiqua and son Arham Iqbal Khan were chased by some miscreants on their way home from a dinner, said a BCB director seeking anonymity on Wednesday.

Tamim, however, denied that he had been a victim of hate crime, citing 'personal reasons' behind the departure.

It drew criticism from some quarters, who alleged Tamim had been bribed to keep silent.

However, a source close to Tamim said otherwise. The source said Tamim was given some advance considering his match fee of £3000.

But before leaving the club, Tamim refunded the money to Essex club authorities.

"I couldn't do anything for the team. Please take the money! As I'm leaving the team all on a sudden, you have to hire another player. So, I won't take this money. I'm so sorry for that!" Tamim was quoted to have said.

The club authorities were surprised, according the source. "You have played a game. It's your right. Please take the money," Tamim was told. But he did not take them.

As per the contract, the club paid for Tamim's airfare. They also rented a flat for him at Stratford. The batsman, however, bore the expenses of his wife and son.  

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