Ransomware hits Bangladesh, too

Mintu Hossain | Update:

.Ransomware cyberattack has hit Bangladesh, too.

Few organisations, including Asian TV, and some personal computers have been hit by Ransomware, said Bangladesh Network Operators Group board of trustee chariman Sumon Ahmed.

He also said most organistions do want to disclose their names.

Asian TV's technical department head Parvez Chowdhury said 12 of their computers have been attacked by Ransomware.

Bangladesh and Bhutan Kaspersky Lab distributor office extract chief executive officer Prabir Sarker said, "A number of computers have been hit by Ransomewar. This will keep on attacking computers. This attack uses security loopholes of windows operating system." 

National Data Center director Tareq Barkat Ullah said computers in government organisations are safe as Linux operating system is being used in all computers. 

He said a special meeting was held in presence of state minister for post and telecommunication Tarana Halim on Monday.

Bangladesh Telecom Regulatory Commission will air cautionary message on all TV channels. 

Suman Ahmed Sabir said several attacks had been detected. There is no question of payment to attackers if any PC is attacked, he said, adding that the PC should be formatted instantly if there is no important file in the PC. The ransomware most alarmingly spread its two new versions in last two days.

He said Windows XP users are in grave risk, while Windows 7 users have to update their security patch. Attachment mail from any unknown source should not be clicked. Users must be careful about going to any unsafe website, downloading picture or software, he added.

Tareq Barkatullah said, “We should consider cybersecurity with importance. We should be careful, and it is time to be cautious. Earlier, the Bangladesh Bank heist incident taught us a good lesson. We should use Linux instead of using pirated software. We must be habituated to use original software.”

Prabir Sarkar said there is no option to update the endangered Windows system. There should be an updated security software in the PC. Files should have backups, and should be downloaded with caution, Prabir added.

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