Let the sanctity of Eid prevail


Eid-ul Azha, bearing the spirit of sacrifice, has arrived at the doorsteps of Muslims once again. This Eid is known as ‘Qurbani Eid’ in Bangladesh. Much of the joy and excitement of the occasion revolves around the purchase and care of the sacrificial animals and then sacrificing them in Allah’s name. Cattle markets have been set up all over the country.

Qurbani is steeped in ancient history. Following in the path of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS), Muslims the world over perform the sacrifice on 10 Zihaj every year. Around 4000 years ago, Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) received a message from Almighty Allah ta’ala to sacrifice his most precious possession. Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) took his beloved son Hazrat Ismail (AS) to sacrifice him in obedience to Allah. But with the infinite blessings of the Most Merciful, a sheep was slaughtered in place of Ismail (AS).

Even though Eid-ul Azha is on 10 Zilhaj, animals can also be sacrificed on the next two days. The actual significance of qurbani lies in the sacrifice of all greed, envy, hatred, anger and selfishness, that is, the beast within.

Preparation must be taken to ensure cleanliness and hygiene after the animals are slaughtered. The city corporations and municipalities have to ensure quick removal of the animal waste. If every neighbourhood takes initiative regarding cleanliness and hygiene, it will be easy for the city corporations and municipalities to do their job.

Eid-ul Azha is a fine opportunity to put aside all differences and join together in the bond of brotherhood. We should all follow the ideals of sacrifice as upheld by Eid-ul Azha. During this happy occasion, we must also stand by the flood victims. Let us extend our helping hand to them.

On this joyous occasion, we convey our greetings to our innumerable readers, writers, advertisers and well-wishers. Let the sanctity of Eid-ul Azha prevail. Eid Mubarak to one and all.

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