Fresh violence in Arakan


We are shocked, concerned and anxious at the news of 32 persons being killed in an attack allegedly by militant Rohingyas in the Arakan state of Myanmar. In primary findings, according to the international press, a certain militant group has claimed responsibility for the incident. If this is true, no matter for what reason and no matter who is to blame, we strongly condemn such terrorism.

However, we are deeply concerned that a spokesperson of the Myanmar government has referred to the attackers as ‘Bengalis’. Such an attitude is unfortunate and contrary to stand of good neighbours. We hope that the statement issued concerning the attack on the police post is shortly clarified through independent media sources.

We are extremely worried about the emergence of a terrorist group near our border. We are equally concerned about the unjust policy adopted by the Myanmar government against the Rohingya community. Both these matters are a threat to Bangladesh’s interests. Bangladesh is between a rock and a hard place at present. The international community, including the UN, must understand that if militancy spreads here, it will not be possible for anyone to control the situation.

We must remember that there was no neutral statement offered concerning the crimes against humanity or the genocide unleashed by the Myanmar armed forces against the Rohingyas following a pervious ambush on a police camp. The entire incident remained under covers and now this second incident has occurred.

There has been no progress about granting Rohingyas citizenship and also about taking back the Rohingyas refugees.

Just as the Kofi Annam commission report called for granting citizenship to the Rohingyas and to improve ties with Bangladesh, news emerged of hundreds of Rohingya Muslim under siege by in a village in the western part of the country.

We demand a neutral inquiry into the recent attack. We also hope the Myanmar government drops its policy of terming Rohingyas as ‘Bengalis’ and duly restores their citizen status.

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