Annan Commission’s recommendations to resolve Rohingya crisis


The international advisory commission on Myanmar’s Rakhine state has put forward recommendations aiming at a resolution to the Rohingya crisis. These can be effective in resolving not only the Rohingya crisis but also the various problems which have cropped up between Bangladesh and Myanmar. These include establishing a joint commission between the two countries and adhering to the relevant international laws. We welcome these recommendations of the commission, also known as the Annan Commission, headed by former UN secretary general Kofi Annan.

This international commission was formed at the behest of the Myanmar government in order to pinpoint the problems afflicting the Rakhine state. The main problem of the Rakhine state is ethnic violence and the government’s discriminatory citizenship law. The Rohingya community are victims of this discrimination and are often oppressed, driven from their homes and forced to take refuge in Bangladesh.

The Annan Commission has recommended a coordinated and transparent process to ensure the nationality of all ethnic groups including the Rohingyas. The prevailing process is considered biased against the Rohingya and Rakhine communities. The nationality crisis there has an impact on Bangladesh. We laud the commission’s recommendation to form a commission for the repatriation of Rohingyas who have taken refuge in Bangladesh and for improving relations between the two countries.  Such a commission can also play an effective role in halting human and drug trafficking, illegal trade, immigration, and border clashes.

We also agree with the Annan Commission that an independent and neutral inquiry into the human rights violations in the Rakhine state is required. The international community, including the European parliament, has also demanded an inquiry into the violence that has taken place in the Rakhine state.

Most important is the actual implementation of the Annan Commission’s recommendations. The Bangladesh government must step up its diplomatic efforts and activities at an international level in this connection. However, we hope the Myanmar government comes forward itself to implement the recommendations of the commission.

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