Independent judiciary can stop quashing 'political' cases


We are deeply concerned about the decision to withdraw 206 cases, including 34 for murder. As it is, the state and government institutions and agencies are in poor shape. The people are deprived of the rule of law and justice. When the ruling coterie says the law must ‘run at its own pace’, we are only too aware of the hollowness of these words, of the sense of escapism. The action being taken to quash certain cases, terming them as erroneous, is bound to boomerang.

It is unfortunate that there are no visible efforts to even identify those involved in these so-called false cases. Not bringing the accused in murder cases before the law is unconstitutional and contrary to the principal of natural justice. There may be debate as to who are the actual murderers in the 34 murder cases, but there is no debate that the murders took place.

So it is totally unclear as to why these cases should be withdrawn. If an ‘innocent’ person is cleared of charges, that is understandable, but not the withdrawal of the entire process. No one has the right to deprive the victim’s family of justice.

We do not deny the existence of politically motivated cases. These even take place at the instigation of certain unscrupulous officials or influential leaders and workers of the ruling party. But withdrawing 206 cases is simply shocking.

It is time for the independent judiciary to show its mettle. Our lower courts have often rejected the government’s decisions and remained firm in their verdict. We will firstly ask the government to refrain from such a wrong decision. But if they do not do so, then the court must come forward and do what is right.

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