Sagar-Runi murder must be solved


The unsolved mystery of the Sagar-Runi murder points to the failure of the law enforcement agencies in the country. It has been five years since the murder of this journalist couple, yet it is unbelievable and unacceptable that the investigations have yielded no results as yet.

The Sher-e-Bangla Nagar police were given the task of investigating the murder. Later this was handed over to the detective branch (DB) of police. Within two months, the DB gave up and admitted its failure to the court. The court then vested the responsibility of the case with the elite Rapid Action battalion or RAB.  RAB too has not been able to untangle the case so far.

RAB has asked the court to postpone the date of submitting their report 46 times so far. The court has granted this time repeatedly. Even so, RAB has failed to complete its investigation and submit its report. The court has now stipulated 21 March as the date to submit the report, but it remains uncertain whether this will actually be done.

The government had made lofty promises about solving this case, but in actuality it has simply drawn to a standstill. The concerned RAB officials would previously say that some evidence had been sent to the US for forensic tests and that they would solve the mystery once the test results were back. But even after they received the results, the mystery remains unresolved. It is as if some invisible hand has muffled the mystery.

The mother of murdered Sagar Sarwar told Prothom Alo that she no longer has confidence in the investigators. She simply relies on God alone. Her anguish places the law enforcement system, the government and the state itself in the dock. Sagar and Runi’s son is just 11 years old now. He is growing up. If we cannot bring justice to the killing of his parents, how will we face him?

This murder cannot remain unresolved. Delay tactics cannot erase the memory of the murdered couple. Justice must be done. 

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