Waiting for some good songs: Nancy

Shafiq Al Mamun | Update:

NancyHow did you spend the Eid holidays?

Quite Good! I spent three days with my in-laws in Mymensingh. Then I went my parents in Netrakona. Hopefully, I’ll return to Dhaka next Friday.

What was the public response to your newly released song?

I’ve already watched the video on Youtube.

I have a lot of fans online and they eagerly wait to watch the release on Youtube. But some of my fans are deprived of listening to the song as it was released online only.

I know that the song is getting good response on Facebook and Youtube. But are all people being able to listen to the song? Certainly not. Older people, like those over 60, are being deprived. What’s about the villagers? How many of them get access to the song online?

Actually there are pros and cons to releasing songs online.

What are the advantages?

If anybody copies a song, a composition or a video recording of any artiste, Youtube can easily detect that.

It’s been long time after your last music album was released. Why?

My previous album named ‘Tomake Chai’ was released during Pahela Baishakh. I got some offers after that, but I declined them. I’m frustrated at not being offered any good songs. I’m looking for some good songs.

You weren’t in any live programme this Eid. Why?

I usually skip live programmes during Eid-ul-Azha.

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