'You will know when Shakib returns'

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Apu BiswasFilmster Apu Biswas has recently been named the brand ambassador of a housing project in Dhaka. After the signing ceremony on Monday, she spoke to Prothom Alo about the rumour of a divorce with Shakib Khan.
Is it true that you and Shakib Khan are parting ways?
This issue is very personal. If such a thing happens I myself will tell everyone.
Are you going to announce anything soon?
Let me make it clear. My husband Shakib is extremely busy with shooting and already you have seen that in the media. He does not know anything about it. How can I comment on the issue then?
Are you saying that the media is spreading a hoax?
They are actually doing so, quoting a ‘secret source’. Several journalists talked to me about divorce. To everyone, my answer was the same -- I know nothing.
Why don’t you protest then?
He is not in the country now. Be patient, everything will be clear when he returns.
What will you do if it turns out to be true?
I can’t say that right now. It does not depend solely on my wish. It was my family's decision to tell everyone about my marriage and the baby. Or else, you would have known about this eight years back.
Did you talk to Shakib after hearing the divorce rumour?
No, I didn’t talk to him.
When was the last time you both talked?
This is our private affair. You should not pry into this issue. Shakib is in Thailand now. Soon he will be back and then go to India for shooting again. He is busy with his work while I am with my baby.
What about shooting of your recent movies?
I’ve lost some weight that I had gained during pregnancy. I am almost ready for facing the camera again. The shooting of Kangal will start soon while Kanagoli's shooting will start at the end of January.

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